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About Tim:

Tim grew up traveling the country racing  sailboats including dinghies, keelboats, and catamarans. He became an Eagle Scout and went on to sail and graduate from the University of Kansas.  After working in the corporate world he decided to follow his passion and relocated to Charleston in the summer of 2013.  Over the years he has taught beginners, intermediate and advanced sailors; children through adults.  When he is not sailing you will see him at Sullivan's Island kiteboarding, or riding his bike around town.  

What people are saying:

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"This couple hours was better than than the whole time at camp!  The one-on-one really helps!"   - Jack M. - Optimist


"From rigging to rounding the marks, you won’t find a better one on one coach.
Tim Fitzgerald is not your typical “coach in a can.” Tim will tailor his instruction specifically to your individual needs, abilities and aspirations. He is polite, professional, inspiring and above all else, personable.
You’re going to love your time on the water with Tim.  Winds from 3.5 – 35 knots, no problem… you will be one fast, confident, happy sailor.  
It doesn’t get any better than that.
I learned more on the water with Tim in two hours than I did in the last twenty years of sailing on my own… and I read a lot of good sailing books.
If I could send my kid to any coach in the country for sailing instruction, Tim Fitzgerald would be in the top three for sure. He’s that good.
Tim is polite, patient, thorough, personable, and professional in every sense of the word. He is an active racer on the national circuit, a past college team sailor and above all else, a great guy.  

I’m 53 year old Laser sailor still wanting to go faster, Tim was the perfect coach for me as well."
- Tedd B. - Laser, Snipe, Keelboats
"I feel like I learned more in three hours than the whole last two summers.  This has been great". - Ian C. - 420

Let's talk about:

  • Advanced racing coaching, youth to adult
    • 1 on 1 coaching from in your boat, or coach boat
    • Small group coaching
  • Growth planning for your sailor
  • Team practice coaching
  • Regatta coaching
  • Individual intensive training
  • Kiteboarding lessons
  • Bareboat charter planning, captaining

Recommended reading

The Talent Code - Daniel Coyle

Brain Rules - John Medina

The Inner Game of Tennis - Timothy Gallwey

Winning in One Designs - Dave Perry

TRIM, TACTICS - North Sails U

Sunfish Bible - Dr. Derrick Fries

The New Laser Sailing - Dick Tillman

The 4 Hour Body - Tim Ferriss

The 4 Hour Work Week - Tim Ferriss

The Lean Startup - Eric Ries

Leap, Don't Sleep! - John Madden

The Education of Millionaires - Michael Ellsberg

The Secret Race - Tyler Hamilton

The Kennedy Detail - Gerald Blaine

How to reach Tim:


By text or phone:


Located in Charleston, SC.  

Teaching fast, fast!

Sailing Resume

Sailing Instruction:

US Sailing Level 1 Certified

Certified & Current First Aid & CPR

• 2014 April- Organized inaugural "Fort 2 Battery" Race

     Post & Courier lead up article     Post & Courier results article          Youtube

• 2013 Fall - Head Coach Ashley Hall High School Sailing

• 2013 Fall - Head Coach Waccamaw High School Sailing

• 2013 Fall - Head Instructor College of Charleston Intermediate Keelboat

• 2013 Fall - Keelboat charters & instruction with Charleston Sailing School

• 2013 Summer - Taught 120 children ages 5-18 sailing, including regatta coaching. Managed staff of 8  


• 2007- 2012 - Software and hardware corporate sales for large and small company

• 2001 - 2006 – Taught 405 kids & 160 adults to sail. Ages range from 6 to 60’s, Optimists to keelboats at

   3 different clubs

• Handled all curriculum, lesson planning, travel, regatta coaching, equipment setup & maintenance

• On "North U" coach roster for private coaching

• At age 14- Volunteer instructor at Wichita “River Kids” program. Sailing, paddling, swimming, water safety

• Age 14- Organized & hosted "North U" seminar at Ninnescah Yacht Club, Wichita, KS

• At age 16- Head instructor at Walnut Valley Sailing Club: Taught kids ages 7 to 17 and adults to sail

• Trained successors for  assumption of instructor roles

• Proficient with windsurfer kiteboard, kayak, canoe, scuba, free-diving to 55 ft.

Club Affiliations: Ninnescah Sailing Association, Wichita, KS (1985 – Present);

Walnut Valley Sailing Club, El Dorado, KS (2001-2007)

Kansas Sailing Association board member, Lawrence, KS (2003- present)

Weatherby Lake Yacht Club, Kansas City, MO (2006)

University of Kansas Sailing, Lawrence, KS (2003-2007)

University of Kansas Sailing Advisorship (2007-present)

Charleston Community Sailing (Summer 2013)

Charleston Sailing School (Fall 2013)

College of Charleston (Fall 2013)

Waccamaw High School Head Coach (Fall 2013)

Ashley Hall High School Head Coach (Fall 2013)

Carolina Yacht Club (Winter 2013)

BVI Charters:

      2011 Captain 38' Lagoon Catamaran - Conch Charters

      2010 Captain 42' Jeanneau -  Conch Charters

      2007 BVI Charter- Bavaria 44 – Horizon Yacht Charters; visited Anegada

2013 Racing Accomplishments:

       15th place - J24 North Americans, Newport, RI - bow/ tactics - of 47

       2nd place - J24 Red Grant, New Jersey Parkway Series - bow/ tactics

       2nd place - J24 Dead Crab, New Jersey Parkway Series - bow/ tactics

       2nd place - J24 Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey Parkway Series - bow/ tactics

       2nd place - J24 New Jersey Parkway Series overall - bow/ tactics

       9th place - J24 Easter, Columbia, SC - bow/ tactics - of 29

2012 Racing Accomplishments:

       8th place – Thistle Midwinters West – middle crew – San Diego, CA – of 39

       2nd place - Laser D16 Championship - Wichita, KS - of 16

       1st place - Laser Weatherby Lake Invitaional - Weatherby Lake, MO

2011 Racing Accomplishments:

        1st place – Laser District 16 Championship – Oklahoma City, OK

        1st place – Thistle Mid America District Championship – Springfield, IL

        1st place – Thistle Double Districts – Springfield, IL

        2nd place – Laser Weatherby Lake invitational- Weatherby lake, MO

        15th place- Thistle Midwinters east, St. Petersburg, FL – of 67

2010 Racing Accomplishments:

    1st place – Laser Weatherby Lake invitational – Weatherby lake, MO- of 15

    4th place – Laser Lotsa Lasers- Nashville, TN – of 24

    1st Place – Thistle Mid-America Districts, Lawrence, KS – of 9

    1st Place – Thistle Lake Michigan Districts, Springfield, IL – of 8

    9th place – Thistle Mid-winters East, St. Petersburg, FL – of 64

    15th place- Thistle Nationals, LaSalle, MI – of 102

    2nd place—Race 7, Thistle Nationals Championship Division

2009 Racing Accomplishments:

    1st Place—Thistle Mid-America Districts, Tulsa, OK – of 12

    6th Place – Thistle Mid-Winters East, St. Petersburg, FL - of 36

    20th Place—Thistle Nationals; Westport, CT – of 83

    6th Place-- Laser Talbot Memorial Regatta; Chicago, IL- of 38

    1st Place*-- Laser Grudge Match Series; Lawrence, KS- of 19

2008 Racing Accomplishments:

    11th Place-- Thistle Mid-Winters East, St. Petersburg, FL—68 boats

    20th Place-- Thistle Nationals; Pensacola, FL- of 60

    2nd Place- Turkey Day Nacra Infusion F18 ; Long Beach, CA- of 6 (co-helm) *winner- Pease Glaser-


    1st Place- Laser Lighthouse; Oklahoma City, OK – of 16

    1st Place- Laser Radial Whitecap regatta; Cheney, KS – of 14

2007 Racing Accomplishments:

     1st Place—A Division (ICSA) UT Spring All Districts—Austin Yacht Club-- Austin, TX

2006 Racing Accomplishments:

    8th Place Middle Crew—Thistle Midwinters East—St. Petersburg, FL

    1st Place—A Division (ICSA) Fall Fury Intersectional—University of Wisconsin

    1st Place—A Division (ICSA) Kathryn Hammond Intersectional—Austin Yacht Club, Austin, TX (5 races/5


    7th Place overall, 2 race wins- Thistle Nationals; Toledo, OH – (middle)

    18th Place (bow) -- J22 North Americans -- Minneapolis, MN

2005 Racing Accomplishments:

         1st Place—A Division (ICSA) UT Spring All Districts—Austin YC-- Austin, TX

         3rd Place—Laser Radial Easter Regatta—Austin YC—Austin, TX

         2nd Place—A Division (ICSA) Harris Kempner Intersectional – Galveston, TX

         6th Place Middle Crew—Thistle Midwinters East—St. Petersburg, FL

         15th Place Middle Crew—J22 North Americans—Oklahoma City, OK

         2nd Place—San Juan 21 North Americans—Ninnescah S.A.—Cheney, KS

         11th Place Middle Crew—Thistle Nationals—Lavallette, NJ

         2nd Place—A Division (ICSA) Barnyard Bizzare Regatta—Texas A&M

         3rd Place—A Division (ICSA) Timme Angsten Intersectional—Chicago Yacht Club

2004 Racing Accomplishments:

         3rd Place—B Division (ICSA) SEISA Dingy Championships—Austin, TX

         2nd Place—A Division (ICSA) A&M Aggie Fall Regatta—College Station, TX

         3rd Place(t)—A Division (ICSA) Back to The Bayou—SYC, New Orleans, LA

         4th Place—Skipper J24 Texas Circuit Regatta—OCBC, Oklahoma City, OK

         5th Place—Skipper J24 Texas Circuit Regatta-- Ninnescah S.A., Wichita, KS

         2nd Place—Laser District 16 Championships-- OCBC,  Oklahoma City, OK

         1st Place—Laser Whitecap Regatta-- Ninnescah Sailing Association, Wichita, KS

         2nd Place – F18 Catamaran Midwinters East—Panama City Beach, FL

         3rd Place  -- Hobie 20 Prairie -- Wichita, KS -- of 9

2003 Racing Accomplishments:

      15th Place Overall, 2003 Sunfish World Championship – St. Maarten Yacht Club, St.

      Maarten, N.A.

      1st Place Race 2,Gold Fleet, 2003 Sunfish World Championship – St. Maarten Yacht

      Club, St. Maarten

      3rd Place Race 1, Gold Fleet, 2003 Sunfish World Championship – St. Maarten Yacht

      Club, St. Maarten

      4th place, Sunfish, 2003 Southwest Regional/World Qualifier for 2004 – Rush Creek

      Yacht Club, Heath, TX - of 42

      Qualified to sail in the 2004 World Championships – Hyannis Yacht Club,  

      Hyannis, MA

      1st Place – A Division – Intercollegiate Sailing Assn (ICSA) Regatta at KU,

      Lawrence, KS – 1st Place Team

      2nd Place – A Division - ICSA at SMU, Dallas, TX – 1st Place Team

      5th Place—B Division--  ICSA Sugar Bowl Intersectional -SYC, New Orleans, LA

        4th Place (Bow), J22 Southwest Circuit Regatta—Rush Creek YC, Heath, TX

        1st Place (Middle), Thistle Mid-America Districts—Windycrest S.C., Tulsa, OK

2002 Racing Accomplishments:

    3rd place Junior Division, 2002 Sunfish World Championship - Houston Yacht Club

    33rd place Overall, 2002 Sunfish World Championship - Houston Yacht Club

    1st place, Sunfish, 2002 Southwest Regional/World Qualifier for 2003 – Ninnescah

      Sailing Assn.

    Qualified to sail in the 2003 World Championships – St. Marten - 2003

    12th place, (11T) 2002 GBC Sunfish Regatta – Galveston, TX - of 34

    1st place, Sunfish, Central States S.A. (CSSA) Dogwood regatta -Thunderbird S.C.

    2nd place, Sunfish, 2002 CSSA Spring Open Regatta - Windycrest Sailing Club

    1st place, Sunfish, 2002 Memorial Day Regatta - Ninnescah Sailing Association

    1st place, Sunfish, 2002 Hmmmmfest/ Oklahoma Sunfish State Champs - COSA

    4th place, Sunfish, 2002 CSSA Whitecap/ Kansas State Sunfish Champs –NSA

    Co-Helmsman and Tactician – J/24 Texas Circuit Regattas – Fall 2002

2001 Racing Accomplishments:

    2nd place, Sunfish, 2001 Southwest Regional/ World Qualifier for 2002 - Ninnescah Sailing Assn.

    Age 16- Qualified for the 2002 World Championships at Houston Yacht Club – October 2002

    1st place, Sunfish, 2001 CSSA Jr. Championship - Oklahoma City Boat Club

    4th place, Sunfish, 2001 Hmmmfest Regatta - Thunderbird Sailing Club

    4th place, 420, 2001 'Jr. Ol Man of The Sea Regatta - Fort Worth Boat Club

1995 to 2000 Racing Accomplishments:

    1st place, Sunfish, 2000 CSSA Jr. Championship – Thunderbird S.C.

    5th place, Sunfish, 2000 Southwest Regional/Worlds Qualifier - NSA - of 27

    1st place, Sweet 16, 1999 National Champion Novice Fleet - Perry Yacht Club

    3rd place, Sunfish, 1997 CSSA Jr. Championship - Oklahoma City Boat Club

    1st place, JY trainer, 1995 CSSA Jr. Championship - Walnut Valley Sailing Club

Athletic Recognition and Awards

2007 -  “Best Sportsmanship” award voted by peers in SEISA College Sailing District

2002 – Awarded Skipper of the Year – Ninnescah Sailing Association – Board of Governors

2002 – Robert F. Bennett – Kansas Governors Cup

2002 - Sunfish - Oklahoma State Champion

2001 – Sunfish – Central States Sailing Assn. – Jr. Champion

1999 Sweet 16 National Champion – Novice Fleet – age 14

Awarded "2001 Jr. Skipper Of The Year" by Ninnescah Sailing Association Board of Governors

Awarded "1999 Jr. Skipper Of The Year" by Ninnescah Sailing Association Board of Governors

Additional Achievements

• Eagle Scout, Completed age 17 in 2002

• Team USA, Sunfish Class Sailing World Championship. 2002: 33rd /101, 2003: 15th/ 78, race win.

• High School Wrestling, 2X State Championship Qualifier, Captain

Patent holder, startup founder, creator of an outdoors product sold by Bass Pro Shops